UTSA Schedule of Classes
Course Notes
Some courses have additional notes that are repetitive in nature. Rather than repeat these for every section of the course, a letter is assigned in the NOTES field below the course title entry. The letter corresponds with the letters listed below and describes the additional information.
A Special authorization is required for this course. Contact the advising office for the course. 
B Special authorization is required for this course. Contact the department office for the course. 
C Backup section. This section is initially closed. Backup sections may be opened at a later date. For more information, contact the department office for the course.
D For majors only.This course is restricted to students with specific majors or concentrations. Undergraduate students may contact their assigned advisor for more information. Graduate students may contact the department of their major for more information.
E Anyone who intends to take the comprehensive examination during this semester, and is not registered for any other course, must register for the Comprehensive Examination course for that major. 
F Block Schedule Section. Restricted to first-year students in the Block Schedule Program. To participate, student must contact their academic advisor. Advising Center Contact Information: http://www.utsa.edu/advise/. For general program information contact the First-Year Experience [MS 1.02.04; (210) 458-7490].
G Students may not register for Independent Study courses via ASAP. Fill out the Independent Study Course Form, obtain the authorizations, and bring the form to the Enrollment Services Center. The form is reviewed and you are registered manually.
H Developmental Education Course.
Development education courses are not used for graduation credit. Students placed into a developmental education course by a Texas Success Initiative Approved Assessment such as THEA, Accuplacer, Compass, or ASSET may not drop that course.  Such students must contact his or her academic advisor to obtain permission to drop this class.
I Students who do not attend the first week of lab for orientation and check-in may be automatically dropped in order to allow other students to add. For BIO and AHS labs, the professor listed supervises the lab and the instructor of the lab is to be announced.
J Only students in the Region 20 Education Service Center's alternative teacher certification program may register for this section. Contact the Region 20 office for approval, (210) 370-5450.
K Concurrent enrollment is required in both a lecture and a lab section for this course.
L Students must have completed 32 semester hours of credit or more to enroll in this course.
M Interactive video classes are taught via two-way audio/video conferencing between UTSA and specific remote locations such as the UTSA-Downtown campus and USAA. Students should register for the section of the course at the location where they plan to attend.
O Course has prerequisites. Click on course number to view prerequisites as listed in the catalog description.
P Students enrolling in this section are required to submit the authorization form and indemnification form online so that background checks can be run.
Q A student may enroll in no more than 3 semester credit hours in the May mini-mester. Provisional students and students on academic probation during a Spring semester may not enroll in the May mini-mester.
S This section has a service-learning (S-L) component that integrates community service with instruction to enrich student learning and commitment to civic responsibility. Students will participate in out-of-class service individually or as a group with a non-profit, for profit or public sector organization.
T Students may receive credit for this course by making a passing score on an appropriate exam. See https://testing.utsa.edu/credit-by-exams/ for more information.
W Waitlist available for this section. See http://utsa.edu/registrar/waitlist for more information.